Woot! Digital Crap - No prizes anymore :(

Has anyone else noticed that there are no prizes anymore for the App games? I play everyday and up until a couple weeks ago would almost always be offered a deal after crushing the app game…

…then, about 2 weeks ago there was a couple of days where the game wasn’t on the app…and since then, I haven’t been offered a single deal. Not one.

This post isn’t meant to be a complaint, I love the games and love woot! I’m just curious if everyone else has observed this change… #behappy!

Hi there. Most of our prizes shipped out of amazon warehouses and they’re prioritizing shipments to essential items. We didn’t feel like it was a good experience for you to buy something but not get it for a month. So until everything settles down, we’re doing stupid stuff so you can continue to enjoy the games.


No, you’re the only one. Thanks for pointing this out. I was having a good day.


I miss the old Woot.


Oh hush, you.


And now it’s a GREAAAT day! :cupid:


You just think you’re having fun. Wait until you sign up for the pointless pushes!

It’s not really a prize when you had to pay for it.


You say this, but I “won” the bag clipper purchase rights for 6.99. It saves my fingers from being pinched by grocery bags.
I never got anything this cool in a BOC. My last BOC had plastic knives in it. I paid for that. :rofl:

Every BOC is a prize for me. Even if it costs me $10. If you pay $1 for a lottery ticket and win $1000, didn’t you win a prize you paid for? :smile:

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Truth. The rules are clear. The prize is the additional discount. Quite sad that you didn’t understand talready. Ther are remedial classes.