Woot! Digital Crap - No prizes anymore :(

Has anyone else noticed that there are no prizes anymore for the App games? I play everyday and up until a couple weeks ago would almost always be offered a deal after crushing the app game…

…then, about 2 weeks ago there was a couple of days where the game wasn’t on the app…and since then, I haven’t been offered a single deal. Not one.

This post isn’t meant to be a complaint, I love the games and love woot! I’m just curious if everyone else has observed this change… #behappy!

Hi there. Most of our prizes shipped out of amazon warehouses and they’re prioritizing shipments to essential items. We didn’t feel like it was a good experience for you to buy something but not get it for a month. So until everything settles down, we’re doing stupid stuff so you can continue to enjoy the games.


No, you’re the only one. Thanks for pointing this out. I was having a good day.


I miss the old Woot.


Oh hush, you.


And now it’s a GREAAAT day! :cupid:


You just think you’re having fun. Wait until you sign up for the pointless pushes!

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It’s not really a prize when you had to pay for it.


You say this, but I “won” the bag clipper purchase rights for 6.99. It saves my fingers from being pinched by grocery bags.
I never got anything this cool in a BOC. My last BOC had plastic knives in it. I paid for that. :rofl:


Every BOC is a prize for me. Even if it costs me $10. If you pay $1 for a lottery ticket and win $1000, didn’t you win a prize you paid for? :smile:

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Truth. The rules are clear. The prize is the additional discount. Quite sad that you didn’t understand talready. Ther are remedial classes.

Just waiting for the fun to start all over again :ok_hand::infinity::monkey::two_hearts:

Which fun?

Give them time. Sometimes we buy everything out and other times they have glitches from everyone’s hard work, playing and buying, so please be patient :ok_hand::infinity::monkey::two_hearts:

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That doesn’t answer the question.

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When they get started, it’s fun to play and win a bag of crap, or some nuts and bolts, which are really great and fun prizes to aim for while shopping and actually finding some great deals :ok_hand::infinity::monkey::two_hearts:

Good thing the discounted t-shirt from the app game is still available for the next 14 minutes.

Right! I agree, because they have some awesome shirts! And don’t forget to play the deal meter game daily, along with placing your vote because they help to unlock the deal and games when the time is right :ok_hand::infinity::monkey::two_hearts:

Like for English and Typing:

Remedial English
Remedial Keyboarding

There are games in the app? I have the app but cannot find games. . Are you referring to Stump Ben?

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