Woot Estate Sale

Curious about the Corelle Livingware set; on the main page for the Woot Estate Sale it says there are three styles. When I click on it, the only style indicated is Red.

We have these sets in Blue (like them very much!) and would be interested in adding a couple more sets… if that happens to be one of the “3 styles” that may or may not be available.

I am also curious about these phantom “other styles.”

Whooops. Copy/Paste problem from a previous sale. I’ll ask for a fix. Thanks!

email me if you happen to have another ronco accessorie kit

Sorry, we don’t have an email notification service like that. You can watch the plus sales via the list linked in my signature. It’s updated about 9:30am weekdays.

What size pictures does the twigs hanging photo frame hold? Also, are the colors blue and red on the flowers?

wish you had garage sale as it’s own category

What exactly do you do with a 2012 Sports Illustrated calendar? Oh wait, never mind.

how far back do your issues go? 2010? 09?

I’m falling in love with the hillsdale rose bar stools, except the one per customer restriction is throwing me off. Who needs just one bar stool? I mean, I’m not trying to be greedy but is there anyway you could buy, say two bar stools?

Is this red cookware set tefloned? or un-tefloned??

The Circulon site talks about the non-stick technology they use.

fixed for ya.

Heh, I left out that word on purpose. :tongue:

Wow, call it an Estate Sale and everything sells! Look at all the sold out items. I think they may have just hit upon their next site to add to the family.

I am curious to buy Corelle, but already sold out, when can I see Corelle in woot.com again!!

You never know, that’s part of the fun!

Still waiting on a response to my post a few days ago! I’d love to help sellout those stools if I can purchase more than one! Anyone? Is there anyone out there?

Do you have a friend, or a neighbor… Just a thought, but I’d find someone to purchase one for me