Woot Fantasy Bundesliga League?

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@wajeremy @manlapig (sorry I have no clue who on Woot Staff would be on the IS security side) see post above. ( I don’t want to link to it in any way.) Have bots infiltrated Woot nation? Is an investigation needed? (I know a guy if you need help in that department)

dragontattoo if you are not a bot, feel free to join our league. If you are a bot, watch out for Alexa, she is coming for you!

@sammydog01, @manlapig

Matchday 8 Preview

Coming out of the international break, with its unlimited transfers (@sammydog01, you can make as many moves as you want between now and kickoff of today’s game at 1:30 WST) the battle for supremacy in the Woot B0C Hooligans League has never been tighter! My FC Hershey sit one spot above @sammydog01’s crew of attractive young men with @manlapig and his brother ready to slot in at 3 and 4 after they overcome their irrational fears of participation. Of course a @Froodyfrog / @qazxswe backed team could create havoc as well. (p.s. there haven’t been any penguin sightings lately, hope all is well).

Best of luck to all this week! Join the league and follow the action here:

Join league : Woot B0C Hooligans

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I decided to pick up a few players who actually score points this week. If I’m reading the stats correctly. I hope I’m reading the stats correctly.


Match Day 8 Wrap-Up; Matchday 9 Preview

Many congrats to @sammydog01’s squad of attractive footballers who, now, also score points! Coming out of the international break and its unlimited transfers, @sammydog01 fielded a totally re-vamped roster and put up 78 points to dwarf my FC Hershey’s 57 measly points. Poor performances from most of the top of table squads not only doomed me, but it also threw the Bundesliga into disarray as just 2 points separate the top 9 spots.

Matchday 9 offers some interesting match ups including Dortmund at Shalke, Liepzig at Freiburg, and Frankfurt at Borussia Monchengladbach. I’ll hope that Bayern can right the ship against upstart Union Berlin.

I’ll look to rebound in Matchday 9 which kicks off Friday at 1:30 WST. Make sure transfers are finalized and rosters set by then.

Are you still doing this? It’s winter!

The Bundesliga runs though mid May. They do, however, take a “Winterpause” from December 22 - January 18.


I have arrived…


Boom! Welcome to the party. May the odds be ever in your favor


Welcome to Matchday 10 of the Woot B0C Hooligans Bundesliga Fantasy League. My FC Hershey returned to its winning ways in MD9, with @sammydog01’s squad taking second after her breakthrough win in MD8.

As you may well know, our ranks have swelled for MD10 with @manlapig overcoming his fears (or is he just ready to check out on his disastrous Toffees’ relegation zone campaign?) to join the fun. As a reminder, have your lineups set for kickoff at 1:30 WST (@manlapig, that’s Woot Standard Time). Kickoff also locks your transfers, so you need to have your team set by then (you can’t buy or sell players until next week)

@manlapig; from the official rules, with some of my own clarifications: As a manager you can substitute players at any time [IF THEIR GAME HAS NOT YET KICKED OFF]. If you remove a player that has already played during a matchday you will lose his points and you will not be able to put him on the field during that match day. [You only get 1 substitution of this kind per week.]

You can change your star players with players from your line-up as long as their club is yet to play.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck!

I’ll have you know that Everton is on a 1-game WINNING streak and that only 6 of the 20 teams in the Premiership have a winning record. If we win our next two games, we’ll be in like 8th lol Such a joke right now.

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Matchday 10 saw the Woot B0C Hooligans fantasy league welcome @manlapig’s Manlapig FC. His team’s performance was as uninspiring as its name and he brought up the rear in MD10 with a partly 73 points. @sammydog01’s crew of gent’s put up a very good 103 points. Her squad is evolving into a consistent performer and is well positioned for future success. (Proud of you!) My FC Hershey had a rough go of things on Friday and early Saturday (Bayen’s egg nearly sunk me too @manlapig. Don’t feel bad, it also got their real manager fired!) but I was able to salvage the win with a key Sunday substitution and star man selections, squeaking by with 107 points.

Matchday 11 kicks off today at 1:30 WST. The highlight of the week is the Der Klassiker between Dortmund and my (hopefully rejuvenated) Bayern Munich on Saturday. Don’t forget to get those lineups set! As wacky as things have been in the Bundesliga thus far, I’m sure this weekend will be no different!

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MATCHDAY 11 Recap, MATCHDAY 12 preview

MD11 was a wild ride in the Woot B0C Hooligans Bundesliga Fantasy League! My FC Hershey narrowly avoided defeat to @manlapig’s well provisioned squad, by a score of 135 to 132. Had @manlapig managed his roster better (by inserting Freiburg’s Holer in place of Leverkusen’s Bailey, who did not start) he would have gotten off the schneid. But alas, his careless managing cost him a win. @sammydog01’s squad featured a strong lineup (major props on the Trimmel selection) finishing with a respectable 104.

Given the intervening international break, during which the Die Mannschaft secured a spot in the 2020 European Championship, there was a two week transfer window which closes tomorrow at 1:30 Woot Standard Time when Borussia Dortmund kicks off against Paderborn. Make your transfers and set those lineups. Remember, you can continue to make adjustments throughout the weekend so long as the game of the players you are moving have not started. Further, you can sub out one player who has played for a player who has not yet played each week. You can adjust your formation to accommodate this change.

The Bundesliga continues to be unpredictable and I expect that MD12 will continue the trend!

@sammydog01 should have easily gotten 114 this week.

I call fowl and foul!

No, fowl is next week.

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What does a Penguin eat for breakfast?

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What’s next week?


I don’t get “it”.

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No Wooters have mentioned anything to me this year. They must all be shy.

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MD 13 Recap

FC Hershey cruised to an easy victory in Matchday 13 with 150 points; dwarfing that of @manlapig and @sammydog01 who put up 97 and 82, respectively. Props to @manlapig for actually fielding a team of players who played this week. @ThunderThighs’ return from vacation came just in time! @sammydog01 continues to lead the league in guys named Muller.

MD 14 Kicks off Friday at 1:30 WST. Make those magic transfers and set your lineups before Eintracht Frankfurt kicks off against Hertha Berlin, now lead by none other than former USMNT’s manager, Jurgen Klinsmann. My FC Bayern look to get back to to their winning ways when they clash with table leaders Borussia Monchengladbach.

Crap I guess I need some uglier guys.

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