Woot Flash Games

The Internet Archive announced that they have created an flash emulation section on their web page to archive flash animations and games.

Does anyone at Woot have the .swf files for the games that have appeared over the years?

Games like Borg of Crap, Crap Shoot, 2048 Crap Master Edition. I’m sure there were others.

There’s a section in the article that provides instructions for adding your own material.

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That’s a great idea. Not sure what we still have but I’ll bring it up.


I would like to second this idea! I would like to try these games!

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www.woot.com/crapshoot/game was the original url for crapshoot. You can download the actual game .swf from https://d3s3nalcrwuhjz.cloudfront.net/Flash/Crapshoot/main.swf

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So I reached a dead end with this. We were able to find some of the .swf files but nobody here knows for sure if we hold the copyright or if someone else does (we modified artwork). Then you have to get them to work standalone or something like that and we don’t have developer time to do that.

Too many roadblocks to move forward.


That’s too bad, but thanks so much for looking into it!

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You can grab the main.swf file and then use the Flash Player Debugger available from adobe to play it. It works great.

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