Woot Funhouse: Monday, 9/18/23

The hands came today.

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season 6 dancing GIF


Mine are still preparing.

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My marshmallow sticks were on the doormat this morning. They are really nice and are totally worth the $1 I spent on them. :slight_smile:


Not dishwasher safe? For a couple bucks, I think I’ll take my chances on the top rack.

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My nifty $2 digital thermometer showed up today from funhouse used coupon. Now I have to go buy some meat/chicken/something to try it out. :clap: :cut_of_meat: :poultry_leg:

Can anyone spot the mistake? And do I get a Knit Picker Badge for this?!?!? :joy: :laughing:


A while back, one of my cheap mechanical keyboards was labeled as “keyboar” on the box.

Didn’t like the Outemu blacks, though, and ended up trading it for toilet paper on r/hardwareswap.

Smart gusser or guesser?

See the diff spelling on the order page!