Woot Google Gadget


We made a Google Gadget that displays the current Woot on your Google homepage. It shows the picture of the Woot and the first paragraph of the description, not the one that is on the RSS feed, the one that is ususally funny on the main Woot page. We just put it up so Google has not published it yet. If you want to add it to your page and test it out you can do so by clicking the add button below. Happy Wooting. Hope you enjoy the Gadget.

Brian Parker


Darn, this looks at least simi ligit… Guess I’ll have to put the matches away…


Cool FenStar I hope that you like it. We worked on it for a while trying to make it dependable. If you or anyone else notice any problems please post back here and let us know.


Wooters, Wooters, Where Are You!

Is there anyone else on here tonight?
Just thought I would check in and see who is on.


How many wooters out there are using and enjoying the Woot Google Gadget?


i like it, but can the price be added?


Sure we will look into that and try to get an update out soon.
Thanks for the suggestion.


Hey guys,

I added the change that keoten requested. The gadget now displays the item’s name and price below the picture. I hope that everyone enjoys it. If you have anymore suggestions please continue to post here and we will try to implement your ideas.

Thank you,


How about making it all fit without a scroll - sort of annoying… Thanks!


I don’t know if you changed it or it loaded differently, but now the scroll is gone. Regardless, it’s much better. Thanks a ton!


Is that better? I can’t make it automatically resize so we will just have to try and find a compromise. If it starts getting a little too long or needs more work just let me know.



not to be naggy, but is there a way to shrink the white space at the bottom of it? - it’s currently quite long (2 inches versus the other things which weigh in at 1/4 inch). Thanks again :slight_smile:


wow, talk about overlapping comments… you made as i made next then you responded as i made next - anyway, thanks, still excellent and very useful as i use google daily and woot is an extra stop (not long but still…I’m american so hey). The other sad thing is the add at the bottom - but beggars can’t be choosers. :smiley:


No problem. I changed the height to 425px. Maybe that will work. I have got to hit the bed. I will talk to everyone tomorrow.

Have a good night.


I don’t know what this thread is about; I just wanted to post here.


Hi Jack!


There seems to be a lot of people using the gadget now. Does everyone like it?