Woot has a new App

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So the link to this forum from the main page is great, but if I leave this forums tab and go to a different tab, with the intention of returning, the forums tab defaults to a main forums page. Would like the navigation to pause at last location to go back to within short while.


Why can they not show the category for the items on the home page. I like to know which one is home or computer or clearance…


Gah, yeah we had that in there and people thought they linked to the category pages. :slight_smile:
We should get those back in there somehow.


This may seem like deja vu, but I’d really like for the Appsclusive to be easier to find… something like this:


I second this idea. You guys could totally come up with a fun with a message about how Mortimer and/or Monte were up to some more shenanigans so the item currently being searched for is unavailable and recommend other products/categories that are currently available. Future thinking, maybe someday include a way to sign up for email or push notifications based on certain terms (such as macbook, laptop, dell) as they become available.


i pitched a “monkey search” feature with that exact idea a long time ago that never got any traction for some reason… blame it on the monkeys that your exact item didn’t return in the result, but hey look they found this ironing board with a pizza pattern on it xD obviously related items would be better for sure, but it’d be a start and on-theme


You won’t be complete failure. You can use the search’s as suggestions for future inventory


@wajeremy MAKE IT SO


I will. After peak. :slight_smile:


Or after peek…


Or after Peik…


Or after Peke


Love the new app! But I’m having a problem. Idk if its my phone, but whenever I’m in the community tab typing a reply my keyboard is huge and cannot see the text I am typing until I exit keyboard. Really kinda sorta annoying but its not the end of the world.


It would be kind of funny if it were the end of the world, though. I picture aliens happening upon earth years from now and digging up what caused our demise. “It says here vega2010’s keyboard in an app on their phone was too big and everything just exploded! By the way, what’s a ‘Woot’?”


I can’t see what I’m typing! :sob::scream::hot_face::exploding_head:

…when using the phone app…but not now cause i’m using my computer, blasphemy!


Whats an app?


I thought you knew.




Bring back the old Mort and Monte!!! They were so much better… everything else about the app is better. The monkey chat just isn’t right now :frowning: