Woot has a new App


Holy Crap. At the 11th hour the devs found and fixed the issue with cart emptying too! Should be fixed on app and web!


It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!!


Its frustrating that the deals on the home page are so big that I have to scroll right to see it. Its not all of the deals, just the first two on top. ( where the woot off deals are now…)Is that on purpose? Its terrible.


Thank you for the feedback, if you would, there’s an App Feedbaxk form in the app in the More section of the footer. We are monitoring all feedback.


I REALLY LIKE the way the Woot-off items appear at the top of the app. Good job!


Latency on the deals compared to web is irritating. Love the design though


That’s sad… :disappointed_relieved: Well, I hope You’ll make it accessible one day for users outside US too!.. :blush:


I’m not a fan. Especially on mobile. I liked being able to open the app, scroll throught the woot-specific deals, and then browse the others if I wanted. It’s difficult to find the Woot deals now. I like the color and the aesthetics, I just miss the ease of navigation like before.


Interesting. The actual scroll depth of the Woot deals is about the same except the images are larger, so I’m intrigued by the perception of the daily deals being more difficult to scroll through. The best sellers is horizontal which some people see as funky but the dailies are two across but right below the daily deal grid thing. Just interested as I am at a loss for how to make it more obvious but would really like to. :slight_smile:


Darn thing takes forever to load! Frustrating app!


Discussion tab has been disabled on my app. I might try uninstalling and reinstalling it. Since woot customer care keeps asking about the buying tab. Were not even on the same subject.


It took a bit to figure out navigation compared to the previous versions. Love the game feature.


Hopefully there’s a reason to fix something that wasn’t broken at least on our end. Been buying from here for a while, even before there was an app and I always liked Woots philosophy of keep it simple and keep it cheap. Now the great deals are getting further and further apart and the app has more and more branch offs. Liked it when there was like 3 different pages. Oh well guess will just have to get used to it. But change is not always for the best.


The Digital Crap worked 1 day (Saturday)and wouldn’t let me open it the next day. As for the rest, it’s okay if you have the time but when there’s a Woot Off, going to the different places takes too long.


I’m talking mobile, not iPad app. Like it used to be more apparent that this is the sellout deal, this is the shirt, kitchen, etc. It was nice when it was there was just 8 main deals/pages, not 20. I mean it’s great that you’re able to offer so many deals, but it’s just not Woot anymore. It feels like just an extension of Amazon. Woot was unique. It had a niche. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Seems just wrong that the app doesn’t work on a Kindle Fire.


Shhhhhh. Yes we know. We actually tried but stuff broke and we wanted it out before Thanksgiving for the majority. We will get it updated for Kindles soon. The user base is just a smidgen smaller. :slight_smile:


The “Gentleman’s Club” needed it back! :thinking::flushed::crazy_face::rofl::joy::joy:


How about a Windows 10 app or just allow us to use a browser? Some of us don’t spend our lives holding cell phones in our hands. Some of us don’t have Android or iOS cell phones either.


What happened to the BoC alert?