Woot has a new App




We’ve created a new version of the Woot! app, and we think it’s miles above the current one. Here are some the big things that are different, and, dare we say, BETTER:

1. It’s got brand-new feature called DIGITAL CRAP.


What the heck is Digital Crap? Well, it’s a daily game or a puzzle or something silly to waste your time, and once you play it, you might have the chance to buy a Bag of Crap. And if you DON’T get the BOC, we’ll show you something cool so you don’t feel too bad.

We’re going to run it on weekends, to test out how it runs and to get feedback from you fine folks. So fire up the app, try it out, and tell us below what you think! Or give us feedback directly in the app.

So what else about this new app? Glad you asked…

2. It’s got bigger, clearer images.


3. You can shop by individual deals, OR by promotions (what we old-schoolers call “Woot Plus” events).


4. It has a better, more functional footer that has a link to the ALL-NEW, MOBILE-FRIENDLY FORUMS.


So download this new puppy TODAY:

And hey, we’re not done with it yet. We’ll be adding more features and improvements over the next few weeks. And also hey, if you like it, feel free to give us a nice rating in the App Store or on Google Play. THANKS!

Prime Appreciation Week Starts 2/24

It’s a bit confusing to navigate… will take some time to get used to it.


It would be easier to use if they gave me a 50% off coupon…


Where’d the poll go???


Working on it, will be back soon! :slight_smile:


Pretty sure we are basically paying you a salary to use our site at this point…


Which part, @AlexJay? It will help us make tweaks to make it less confusing.


Where is my appclusive today?


Same place as always! It just has a really subtle heading in the grid. Here’s a direct link!

Kindle (4th Gen) 6 https://www.woot.com/offers/kindle-4th-gen-6-wi-fi-e-reader-43


Nice job on the new App!

I like it and it seems like I can get around a lot better than the old App.


On the Home screen, look under daily deals. One of the deals will have an “Appsclusive” heading.


I like the new App! Easier to see items and it is linked to the Forums as promised! Thanks woot!


The new app is awesome
I wish we could have a search button too


We do get requests for search. What would you search for? We’re a bit stumped on how to make it not feel like a complete failure if we aren’t currently selling the item you’re searching for.


Could the search results show items similar to whatever someone is searching for? Like if they searched for a Dell laptop the search results could bring up other laptop brands currently on offer, and so on. Or maybe it could suggest categories based on search terms. In other words, while Woot may not have a specific item at the moment, it could still lead the user to something they may be interested in.


Ahh I C it. Was looking for that yellow banner. Usually just click the notification when it arrives but the app/phone hiccupped and i didn’t get there. Thank You! So far the update is nice, good work.


So far it seems to mostly have the same problems as the old app. “Keep me logged in” checkbox doesn’t work.
Amazon login is glitchy. Each category is a dumping ground for ALL the items in the category, way too many to look at. The sad thing is that the app two versions back was really good, I don’t know why it was ever changed.


Ok, I’m kind of liking the new app but there is a navigation issue/feature that I don’t like.

From any product page or the home screen when you click on a link that takes you to a forum page, the app back button and the Android back button take you up a level in the forums instead of returning to the previous page viewed.


Good feedback. We’ll look into that. The issue is the switch between native views and web views is tricky to identify, but we can find a way!


The Keep Me Logged In is so messed up. We are gutting authentication/login in January and rewriting it from scratch. Don’t get me started about why it’s so hard for us to do when it is so easy for others. It makes me mad.