Woot has reached Mythical Status!

Of course, this only refers to their elusive support department.

Let’s check out their BBB:

Hmm… An F? And they’re not even members - I wonder why?

200 complaints in under a year?!!? Holy Frizzy Afropuff, Batman!

Well, maybe it’s just the angry people filing complaints. That’s kinda what the site is for. Let’s see what their Facebook looks like.

Cool. They’re on Twitter… …and people are so wanting for service they are commenting on their Facebook posts, asking for help. That’s a bad sign. I wonder, how bad can it be?

Oh wow, that’s pretty bad.

Still, we are trying to work with you to get things fixed. Keep that in mind, Woot. We like you, and want nothing more to continue wooting. Just throw us a bone here and help us.