Woot Headlines


Way too much free time waiting for the next Woot-off item to come up… started thinking of stuff like this:

Woot Controls the Vatican!

I’m having Woot’s Baby!

President Bush has secret meetings with Woot to discuss Future of USA

Woot will help you grow hair!


Woot-Boy spotted in Georgia Swamp

Brad, Jennifer and Woot’s kinky love triangle antics!


Woot! Obtains Restraining Order Against Odd Customer!


I’m not odd (ok well maybe I am) I’m a stay at home Dad. Picture being that guy living in the shaft on Lost except you have to stop and hit the button about every five minutes instead of every 108. I get a little stir crazy once in a while.


You sound perfect for our board…take a look


Woot Wins Gold in Men’s Double Luge!