Woot Help Yourself Cab Sauvignon (6) + Bonus

Woot Cellars ‘Help Yourself’ Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack, with 3 Wine.Woot Gift Bags
Sold by: Broken Earth Winery
2012 Woot Cellars Help Yourself Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

The dreadful lack of Midwest ship-to state availability is the only thing preventing me from picking up one of these.

This is a solid new world cab. Great QPR for a strong table wine.

DAMN! No Wisconsin

Better QPR, this or Consumerus?

I have not tried the Consumerus yet, though I have a few in the cellar. I would say the Help yourself would be pretty hard to beat for QPR, but it really depends on your taste preferences. The Help Yourself is ready to drink now. Its style is the type my father really likes, which is why I bought it and like it.

Awesome, thanks!

I love Consumerus but haven’t had this. Bought some of both!

No Michigan :frowning:

MI, WI should be in there. Try again In 10 if you please

I bought half a case of this the last time it was offered and have already had two bottles. I’ve been very pleased with the overall quality of the wine and plan to buy another case and a half. It’s a solid “big red” with full, rich flavor, not cloying, easy drinking (at least, the way I drink wine!). Would highly recommend for anyone that likes an able-bodied red.


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Last Wooter to Woot:

FYI, Consumerus being a previous “holiday wine” is good to buy & drink now. Typically I prefer to lay the Holiday Woot Wines down for a year, so this year’s offering is perfect. Pissed that I missed out on getting my wootleg together before the Revelry sold out. :frowning:

…and then you have to go and enable my Wootlegger.

In for one!