Woot Holiday 2018 Limited-Edition BOC wd

Woot Holiday 2018 Limited-Edition BOC wd

Wow, I scored!!


VOP… :sweat_smile:


VOP again

Uh oh. I got one. What have I done?


Is the box going to be extremely heavy?

Phew, hammered the F5 button and made it through. Chrome with Amazon login. Saw VOP twice today and made it through this time. Thanks Woot, happy Thanksgiving!


VOP again ;(

Seriously!? it was in my cart, placed order, then yanked! Yanked I say. I’ve been ignoring my family all day pretending to nap while dutifully checking.


I am determined to get one of these $50 BOC’s

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! … I think?

In my cart press confirm but it was for $0. Refreshed and hit the VoP :frowning:

got one! so what have people gotten in these $50 BOC???

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Oops, i mean yay, I scored one?!?! Thought it was a regular $9.99 BOC. Didn’t realize it was the fifty dollar one, to be fair I started drinking wine early today. Oh well, cheers to the expensive crap:)


I had one of those terribly timed moments. The laptop, for inexplicable reasons, stopped working right. No page would load or whatever. I rebooted and it took 15 minutes to boot up (strange). I realized the charger cable wasn’t quite plugged in all the way.

When I plug it in and it finally becomes usable, the LE has come and gone.

I have tripled checked and yep, if the charger even becomes unseated just a hair, the computer basically looks normal but becomes unusable. No page loads (or rather it takes at least 45 seconds to refresh a page) and opening even the smallest of applications takes minutes. Strange.

I got one in July and got a series 1 Apple Watch!


Woohoo first sucker to boot. First LE for me!


NICE!!! just bought a series 3 for my wife today for our anniversary so hopefully we dont get that! but thats awesome!

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Missed it. But I got a regular boc today :slight_smile: