woot! is a bunch of Bush haters??? .....in Texas???



What is up with supporting a site called “Hide the lies and advertise”??


What’s up is, we have no idea how that ad got there. Seriously. Somebody else paid for that on our behalf, and we only found out about it when people started asking us about it. Believe me, we’re not about to get into the politics business. But we’ll take all the publicity we can get.


I think it’s called…
Odd, I know.


Good to hear.


does this mean that some other p[arty could pay for the National Republican Party and get their logo and name on there?

-not to stir the pot or anything :^)


Well, he is refurbished.


First page! Woot!


Well… As long as Woot! has no ties to Al Queda, everything will be just peachy.


Savoir Faire Bin Laden eez everywhere!!!


I’m sure that if Woot didn’t want to be associated with this site, they could have their name removed easily. To say that you’ll take the publicity it offers is condoning the advertisement.

Woot needs to take some responsibility and realize that this advertisement reflects on Woot, not some mystery sponsor, as long as it remains.

I will not even buy a ‘Bag of Crap’ until this advertisement is gone… and if it takes too long, I just won’t come back at all.


hey, it was nice to know you! I would like one day to get to buy a B’ag of, er, Crap", so I appreciate the gesture of you not trying. <:^)


You never got one either? I thought everyone got the last one but me. I’ve been signed on woot, and there pushing the button at 1am for the last 4, no luck. (OK, I totally missed the woot off one, never saw it until it was too late), so 3, can’t expect to get one if you aren’t there on time.


so, I did get the random crap calendars. woop.

not bad, far side monthly, simpsons monthly, BUT some girly one with thoughtful, feel good kind of crap…not even my wife wanted it. Fit right into the sale, though, didn’t it?


Josephus, you can trade the undesirable calendar on gimma’s site.

I don’t think I would like that chick calendar either…it was one of those “Love is Love” things, right?


Can we get that in writing?


Wonder who crapped in mcervi’s bag?




Politics . . . very un-woot


I suspect that if we started talking politics we wouldn’t talk.


I didn’t say anything.