Woot is burning

Holy shit!! The servers are exploding and the warehouse is on fire. The whole woot off was been derailed and all the bocs have been leaked by that dumbass robot. TT is crying in a corner and @davejlives is already drunk. To be fair, what was leaked looked like crap anyway. WORST WOOT-OFF EVER



Are you the one on the left or right?

I just hope TT isn’t the one in the background!

That would be how I handled the stress :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wait until Disney finds those baby Yoda shirts. The Mouse is going after Etsy’s grandma who’s knitting them.
In a fight between Uncle Jeff & The Mouse who would win?

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The mouse, I’m sure uncle Jeff doesn’t get out much

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My dear @pepper114! Have you not heard? The Streaming Wars have begun!

Yes @pepper114, you can also… Tell Us What You’re Streamin’!

Nicely played! Good opportunistic use of the subject matter to foster engagement on a related topic.

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I did, but I can’t wait for Woot-Stream.

It’s just the buffering symbol. But everyone has to start somewhere.