Woot Lἴmited-Editἴon Bἴrthday Balloons of Celebration

I guess that was the last one huh? :confused:

Considering I’m still in the waiting room and this popped up on the site AFTER it was sold out; I’m guessing there aren’t anymore BIRTHDAY Craps tonight TT???

I should know when a Boc is coming because the app logs me off :triumph:



I can finally go and take a bathroom break now.

and missed it as well :frowning:

such a sad day

should be one more

still in the VOP

For most days the app works great, today it has not been keeping up with the BOC’s. Only have the app available to me, weird that it is sold out before I even see it.

Was wondering too. If that was last, or one more. Missed all but 1… bought it… then an hour later it was cancelled. /sigh…

Man, got to the I Want One with 100% remaining… I was too slow.

they show up on the site already sold out?

I call shenanigans!

Agreed. I pressed and boom out.

Sitting in my car in my work parking lot waiting for the Singer to go away, and I totally miss it :-/

Me too :frowning:

Devastated, I’ve been refreshing and logging in all day since 9 am est and then I get to the place order page and click it five times for it to even begin processing and then get to a page where it’s insta cancelled. Cmon woot any left overs or duplicates that we can get dispersed to us insta cancellers

After trying all day long (or as many times as I could), I finally got one!

Happy Birthday woot! Oh yeah, if you want to throw something big in mine, I can come pick up in Carrollton to save you shipping costs!

Wow. Went from sewing machine at 17% to SOLD OUT on BOC in an instant. Was there only one?

I am in the VoP for the 6th time today - maybe this one works out?

EDIT: nope