Woot L1mited-Edition Birthday Balloons of Celebration


Darn it!!! MORE!!

$50.00 BOC??? WHAAAAT?!

Well, I got to see this one! That’s all you can really ask for.

Missed it again.

50 bones…hope it’s worth it

Every time I tried to load the page it took me right back to either the last sold out product or to woot.com -.-

At least I was able to see this one!! I feel like I got closer this time.

Gone too soon

I’m in the VOP…but I’m thinking it won’t go through. Digital disappointment is better than actual disappointment, right?


New account today? Boo on you lol

Anyone else scared to drop $50 on one of these?

Such a tease. Page came up only to say Sold Out. Boooooo!

Any advice for an old wooter lured back in by the hope of crap?

first time wooter got this??? sounds like a duplicate account

I saw it! I saw it! I am stuck in the VOP, but I saw it!

Damn. It feels like I just walked in on Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and Bat-Boy all sitting in a room reading the morning newspaper while eating freshly made french toast cooked by Elvis.

was this the actual last one since it says last call?

I’m wondering the same thing, I haven’t wooted in forever