Woot Late Harvest Zin (4)

Woot Cellars Vinitwo del Finito Late Harvest Zinfandel Half-Bottle
Sold by: Meeker Vineyard
$49.99 $120.00 58% off List Price
2013 Woot Cellars Vinitwo del Finito Late Harvest Zinfandel, Alexander Valley, 375ml

Previous offer:

Early rollover on the new offer???

Maybe the servers go to sleep at midnight on xmas?
We have a case of this already. No need to load up on more, but if you don’t have a bunch then get some!

Merry Christmas Wooters! Wish you included Nebraska more than once a week. Enjoy your day!

Darn- no GA sales.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Tried to pull the trigger based on the comments from the last sale, but no shipping to NC evidently.

Any recourse for me from the Meekers? Sometimes wineries are able to ship the same deal directly…

Merry Christmas fellow wine.wooters!

No WA. :frowning:

No MD either…:slightly_frowning_face:

Ugh - WI license dropped - may mal
Also positive word to the winery to consider re-upping the WI license.

This is very tasty, I’m tempted to buy more but I drink dessert wines so infrequently that it doesn’t make a lot of sense.


I got this back when I was still in OH and love it. I wish I could get more, but I moved to NC now and its not on the ship to list : c

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!

This one is highly recommended by the guys in IRC. Guess I’m in for one. :slight_smile:

It won’t ship to PA either

I have no room for more wine, but heck, these are tiny bottles!

I ordered this last time it was on. But now WA is off the list. What changed?

Merry Christmas from WineDavid39 and me. We hope you like the great holiday pricing … sorry for the limited state list.

All the best to you and yours.
We love this place.

Yup. Held steady for a year+.

Anyone else notice mill was first sucker last year as well?

Thanks WD and WF; been a great, but costly, year.
Couldn’t have done it without you.

Don’t care for the Half-Bottle !