Woot Legislated out of Business ?


I read a disturbing article on slashdot.com about efforts by manufacturers to set a floor as to the legal minimum price that their products can be re-sold for. If approved by the U.S. Supreme Court, this would certainly put an end to Woot.com as we know it. Go to slashdot.com and look for this title:

SCOTUS Case May End Sale Prices


Read the case for yourself.

Unlikely to affect woot! in my opinion. They sell mostly discontinued and refurbished items and stuff that somehow got outside the normal distribution channels. I didn’t read the underlying case, but it appears to deal only with authorized distributors. Even the cases where woot! is the authorized distributor, chances are the manufacturer would set the price floor (IF they had a price floor) so woot! could sell their over-stocked or outdated inventory.

It’s not likely that most manufacturers are even going to set a floor (and it’s a big IF it becomes legal). Do you really think Proctor and Gamble, for instance is going to tell Wal-Mart and every other retailer the lowest price they can charge for their products? Not if you need Wal Mart to sell them, you don’t.

PS, the courts don’t “legislate” they ajudicate.


I don’t see how that could pass.


I thought congress passed bills? Since when did the gang of judges get to start passing laws? They just get to say if it can still be a law or not once it actually is. Right people?


How a Bill Becomes a Law


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