Woot Liṁited-Edition Birthdἅy Balloons of Celebration

Really again

yay VoP for like the 10th time today!

That was fast!

Just sittin’ in the Vee Oh Peee
Waitin’ to Buuuy
Waitin’ to Cry

(Apologies to Otis Redding)

what is there like one boc available?

There is like 14.

I was in an cancelled the next second, right when I placed my order…
Kind bummed out about that bit.

welp both kids got out of bed right in time for that one to pop. They have had similar timing all day. Think that was the last for the evening. Grats to those who got one.

holy hell, order placed and NOT CANCELED !?!?! =D SO DISAPPOINTED!!!

VoP the 7th time today…

EDIT: Nope

No way, I actually got one!!! Best Woot Birthday ever!! Happy Birthday Mortimer and Monte, TT, Wootbot, and wootstaff. I think the CAT6 cable you all gave me in the May BOC helped me out. tee hee.

Tell me there will be more tries… I was so damn fast that time and still!

I clicked on [I want one], waited in the VoP for all of 7 seconds, moved my cursor over to [place your order] and it turned gray.

Damn. It.

I think I was stuck in the VoP for all 14 of these. Didn’t get any of the special ones.

Yep, ditto, I feel your pain.

All I can say is congrats. I’m jealous, but happy you’re able to be disappointed by your crap friend-o.

Thank you for the warm wishes :wink:

Lol, tough snag on those, it is like instant disappointment that you don’t even need shipped. Hehe, hey, I consider a trip to the VoP on these babies to be a small victory. Crap on people, crap on!

Happy birthday Woot! 1st year in a while I didn’t get a Crap… yes I just got one not realizing that the 31 days would mean I couldn’t get a birthday one! Oh well :slight_smile: (no complaints here, especially from my wife!!) Happy Birthday!