Woot Limited-Ēdition Birthday Balloons of Celebration


Sold out?? How many of these are sold each listing?

at least I saw the VOP this time

It actually popped up on the site for me, but was sold out. But I beat the existence of the discussion page by about 30 seconds.

I hit the waiting room when 99% of them were left?

VoP for the second time, which most likely means no luck

Are they really $49.99?

WTF!!! I hate this!

Getting closer. Finally got VOP this time hahaha.

Got to the VOP on this one! One step closer!

Missed it by that much…

Wow… VOP but no dice. $50 BOC. That better be something…

I know someone feels me lol.

At least I got to the waiting room this time…

Are they really Fifty bucks?

Late to the birthday party i know.

stuck in VOP every. single. time.


Me too! Super excited to even get that far! :slight_smile:

What’s typically in the bags?

Yeah, that’s pretty much the BOC buying experience.