Woot Limited-Edition Biřthday Balloons of Celebration


Oh well. Another near miss.

I’ve only seen one appear on the app at all. Questioning the usefulness of the app over the website.

edit: It now appeared on the app. Minutes too late.

WHEN you get this piece of shit app to work I might come back but until then i’m Out

Sold out before the page even loads… this is getting ridiculously annoying.

i was f5ing and didn’t even see this pop up!

Didnt even see it pop up, straight to headphones

This literally popped up nowhere… not on the phone, not on the site, not on anything…

not even getting a fair chance at it… the bots are buying them before we even see them

this is ridiculous…

This one didn’t show up on the website either. No worries.

Twitter is more reliable, but introduces a lot of latency.
Community forum used to be the fastest, but appears they changed up the infra. a bit to adjust.

Mine was not near… was a definite miss… I didn’t get it, I missed it. lol :wink:

Dang it, just noticed this Balloons of Celebration at the bottom of the page and missed it… again.
so I guess they could show up anywhere on the page?

I don’t know about y’all but server was down for me on this one.

Stuff yanked from cart. Ouch.

How is anyone even getting these? They are sold out before the page is even updated?

That was odd. Wootstalker showed it, but the clearance page at woot never even updated with it from what I could see.

These have to be the hardest things to get… As much as I dislike captcha’s sometimes, I’m wondering how many of these purchasers are bots and if it would slow the process down any.

Has anyone @ Woot shared traffic statistics? Things feel heavier than past birthday celebrations.

Wow that went quick, I f5’ed and missed it…

Cheap trick…have server errors for like 5 minutes and then do a BOC? smh