Woot Limited-Edition Biřthday Balloons of Celebration

never showed again

I was on the app, Twitter, and laptop and didn’t even see this until it was already sold out. How are we supposed to follow??

well somebody must be seeing them because they’re always sold out…but it’s not me

Website goes down and as soon as can get it to reload Birthday BoC already up and already half sold out…

At least I got some Oreo’s earlier

too fast… sigh…

I got an error message regarding the server and couldn’t reload the page for several minutes.

it has to be bots buying them… they’re not even showing up on any pages before they’re sold out… This one showed earbuds on the community page before the BoC was in there…

So hi folks… I scored one…

Sorry, not sorry.

I’m pretty sure I’m not a bot. Last time I checked.

I am getting faster results using one of my Amazon servers. This time I was able to at least get the page to load.
Twitter is too slow, wootstalker is unstable. The app on my iPhone is slow too. So, I am thinking my ISP is the issue.

HOW, I have tried all the tricks i know, apps, f5, ugghhhh

this is so exciting! This time, I not only SAW it, i actually got into the VOP! Woo hoo! By 23:00, i’ll actually be able to buy something! just keep f5ing, just keep f5ing, just keep f5ing

of course there will be a few humans that get in…

A lot of “first buy” accounts too

Seriously, woot. I don’t mind missing BOCs if I get a fair shot at them but, like so many others, they’re not even showing up. Not on the normal page, not on the community page, nowhere. If you want to kill excitement about woot-offs, this may be the best way to do it. :frowning:

scored one. next boc :slight_smile:

It’s funny to hear that everyone is having a hard time seeing these as they come up. I’ve had all the time in the world to read the full descriptions, place it in my cart, then choose not to buy it.

Honestly over the years of BOCs when i know it is going on - I never had this much problem ever in getting one. Now not even showing up. Or I see them and get stuck in VoP for 20 minutes. Or site fails to load.

These Bots are getting them and probably see “UnOpened BOCs” on eBay soon again.

I’m surprised people are spending $50 for these. People really bitched when they went from $1 to $5, saying $5 was too much.


While I will not be surprised if there is a ton of bot traffic (like I bet the recent server crash was due to a poorly coded bot), I doubt the Super limited edition BOC are going to them.
A lot of the problem is server based. Your server (and mine too!) that we are getting the site from is just suuuuper slow to grab the updates. so we are seeing them after the 14 are sold, when Woot has moved on to the next item already.