Woot Limited-Edition Biřthday Balloons of Celebration

Sounds like something a robot would say.

what did you use to see it? ap or twitter?

Every time I click on the “I am not a robot” captcha it gives me a funny look.

it’s called woot watcher (chrome/firefox) plugin. sooo much faster then f5’ing sometimes it’ll show a notification 20 - 30 seconds before woot displays it on their website.

That explains why 85% or more never post their haul in the blog once they receive them. I guess these bots don’t have manners. Stoopid bots!

I lost the link to the thread of the official BOC for today… what is it again?

haven’t seen the last 2 load on website at all until sold out and haven’t seen any on the android app. I’m done.

be careful using the Woot Watcher Plugin, it is known “Riskware”.

Riskware, or “risky software,” describes legitimate software programs that contain loopholes or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers for malicious purposes.

Items no longer show up in the community until someone makes a comment on them. I think they did that so people would stop using the community to get to items before they show on the page. In this case, it didn’t even have a comment box until it was posted on twitter.

Edit: The item was actually sold out before the thread was created.

It’s like the old days again, can’t get close to getting one!

looks likes a couple of times today that it was a new (signed up today) and first woot ever. Must be some lucky people/robots/cyborgs.

just disable it or remove it when done wooting :slight_smile:

Hey TT…fast question…

For those of us that scored crap in June (27th) and also scored a Limited Edition today, does the 31 day rule restart now or is it still from June 27th?

If I said that to my IT guy at work, when he was done throttling me and taking a hammer to every single one of my fingers, he would explain that the good programs already stole everything worthwhile from your computer immediately after install. :slight_smile:

[edit:] one example he gave: Apparently there is at least one extension that immediately sends all of your saved passwords to the extension creator.
He is not one to make this stuff up to sound smart.

I don’t understand why so many people are sure bots are buying them simply because they’re selling fast.

There. are. 14!

Someone directed to a server that got an update milliseconds before one you got directed to are at a big advantage.

Bots have no “special access” anyway. There’s no where they can go that you “can’t” where they’re getting the update “before” you.

Information has to be propagated to all kinds of places, and there’s no such thing as “at the same time”.

Woot stalking plugins apps have to ping the site to see if there’s a change. So say they do that every half a second, which would be a crazy high amount. Even then a delay of half a second is everything…and that’s assuming that update attempt got routed to a server that had the BOC information yet.

The internet isn’t magic. It just usually it doesn’t matter when one server is 400 milliseconds out of date compared to a “coworker”.

It DOES matter when there’s FOURTEEN coveted items we’re racing for.

It’s basically just luck.

lol. i just looked at the source code, nothing suspicious. anyhow to each their own. i got my bag of crap. if need be run it incognito mode.

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