Woot Limited-Eđition Birthday Balloons of Celebration

I got one then cancelled it. It’s too expensive I can’t justify it. >_<



2nd time in the VOP at least

lol wat?!? These are $50 now?? Jesus christ, things have changed…

Yo- ThunderThighs, Sell me his please!

hahaha u serious? hahaha.

Woot needs a better IT department/ platform… Always crashing and signing me out.

You should have kept it changed the shipping address to me… would have definitely PayPaled you. :smiley:

So comfortable in the VOP

It’s a special BIRTHDAY limited edition boc!

pretty sure you cant cancel woot off items, but good luck with that

Yeah, I’ve gotten some great stuff in my BOCs, but I don’t want to spend more than $10. I’ll wait for the regular ones.

Wow, I didn’t even see it until it was too late again

F5ing it and it still didn’t even show up on the screen until it had already passed by

Read the description of the product.

These are extra special boxes.

Never even saw it… went right from dental crap to pillow crap. No bag of in between.

Not sure why with all of the F5ing.

Twitter link showed up but took me to the sold out item… meh! (When I get one it goes from Meh to Woot!

Great, so spending more for even greater disappointment. lol