Wōōt Limited-Edition Birthday Balloons of Celebration

TT The misses might kill me know before the wedding, hope its not really crap

And its gone. This is proving futile! But i’ll keep trying.

Wow. Was on it the second it popped up and got “payment denied.” Even though everything is correct. Went and bought something right after (the air mist humidifier) and it worked perfectly.

What the heck is up with that?

sooo much time in the VOP

FINALLY!!! Use Chrome and Woot! Watcher extension…instantly got it!! WOOHOO!!! Wife was not as excited lol

They robbed your cart…Got to be wicked fast

Likely a communication failure between servers when trying to process your payment.

have downloaded wootstalker - everything showing up early there
This bag - still not on stalker.
Just popped up on woot 3min late

I’m in the Void of Purchases right now… maybe I’ll be unlucky and get some crap.

Welp, at least I made it to the VoP on that one…

Been in the VoP twice now and once where it was taken out of my cart. Had no idea it would be this difficult!

Ditto the guy above

This is a blast, taken to the front page every single time ive tried to click on one. What a mess.

Congrats! That is wonderful news and I hope your wife is excited when it arrives!

Well, I got the VOP for the first time today. So wooting from work seems to be a little faster. Sadly, this means no actual work is getting done, therefore, no contribution to the GDP. So, it seems that your ISP may be a bottleneck. Off to get some chinese food and maybe try again later. :slight_smile:


I got logged out while waiting in the Void.

I’ll be beating my head against the wall.

Daaang!!! Been watching all day. Can’t even get close

I really don’t like how the CDNs are serving up content. I like the old woot better. I have missed every single BoC because it will never show up on my screen. By the time it passes I don’t notice it unless I check the list of recent items.

The computer was selling slowly, so I thought I’d have time to go to the bathroom…came back & the humidifier is up & I missed anothe chance at the birthday goodies. Maybe next time (but the way these have been selling I doubt it).