Woot Limited-Edition Blrthday B0C

WTH…Never even saw it. Wouldn’t come up for anything.


I saw it and it was sold out as soon as it popped up. :frowning:

Pops up as sold out. Not going well for me this time around.

Anybody having issues with woot watcher? Keeps popping up with the earplugs


Woooooot! Happy Birthday!!!

This was a birthday present to myself since we share the same birthday week!

The boyfriend is waiting in the VOP…I missed it altogether with my account due to looking for opening day promos for Le Creuset outlet stores… :sob:

I’m assuming their is bots in place for this kind of thing it’s ridiculous that’s all I’ve been seeing all day instantly sold out.

Same, never popped up and I been refreshing every time

Whoa, I got a limited edition Balloons of Celebration?? I cannot believe it. (I also cannot believe I bought it.)

No pop up for wootstalker.

How is it possible that I hit refresh constantly and never even see it?

There seems to be a ridiculously smaller number of these available. Every time I see one I get a bit of a rush, followed by disappointment. Woot is giving me a great rollercoaster today! :slight_smile:

Shocker…for the past 8 hours we never even get a chance to enter the vestibule of patience because they don’t show up until shortly after they are already sold out…

Watching allllllll day.

Finally snagged one of these limited edition ones.

Hoping it has 5X the crap since it’s 5X the cost. O.o

How is it possible that I was watching AS this popped up and clicked on it immediately!!! and it said sold out!

Same here

I somehow got ONE!!!

Wootstalker app isn’t even notifying me. No sounds, no popups - nothing.