Woot Limited-Edition Blrthday Balloons of Celebration

Twitter is 5 minutes behind.

Welp, WootStalker at least popped it up this time. The site lagged, then it was sold out by the time it finally loaded.

I don’t know whats worse… The fact that only 14 each time, or that I have a chance every hour to fail again lol.

Also those late twitter alerts are a slap in the face :stuck_out_tongue:

Sold out before it even posts😤

Woooohooooo!!! Happy Birthday Woot!!! :slight_smile:

That explains it! I was like, did it really sell out in six seconds? I guess it could have but still!

Ok for real. Where are these getting seen? I sat here for an hour straight and loaded it up the SECOND it hit twitter (before even the main site… community or main page) and it’s sold out.

They’re clearly getting seen from somewhere else and I can’t figure it out.

Never showed for me there

Which sucks. Usually twitter mobile alerts are my not-so-secret weapon. There’s lots of times the tweet is out a minute before the item shows on their own site.

Today they’re wayyyy late.

I thought those nest cams would have lasted a little longer. Stepped away at the wrong moment. :frowning:

Didn’t even know it came up until I read someone’s comment about it. Was F5ing as fast as my computer would allow.

You’re still not guaranteed to get one, but I think your best bet is using a third party tool like WootStalker.

Unfortunately, Woot’s systems lag too much for anyone to legitimately get one on their website or social media.

Missed it >.>

23 seconds sell out

Groan, EVERYTHING is five minutes behind. But I keep on trying!

Showed up for me but refused to load.

yup and wootstalker is slow too. The only thing I can see is actually refreshing the page. I’m gonna sign-in from one of my Amazon servers and see if its any faster.

Seriously!! How are folks getting these?? Twitter is lagging so badly and Wootstalker (which is my goto) is not able to connect…ARGHHHHHHH!!!

I was refreshing every two seconds and it hit Twitter before anywhere on the main site.

Clearly some people are just getting it served before others.