Woot Locker

Woot Locker

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$50,001? Just over my budget. If only it were $49,999.



16th - 20th? This is going to take FOREVER.

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Heh. One each day (hopefully)


I read it as only 1, not 1 each day. Its Monday, so maybe I’m just not thinking properly.

We’ll run a new one each day. :w_happy2:

Stream is up with Mischief TV

My predictions are
3 server crashes
4 Russian bots
$402.67 final price


Took a screen shot so you can’t edit that amount. hahahaha


I was close once! Lol


Can Woot do an interview with the guy and see why he felt the box was worth $300?

Well, he pretty knows exactly what’s in it. Hopefully he’ll be happy with it.

Are you on the livefeed @ThunderThighs ?

She doesn’t reveal her face on streams.

Oh, and they are streaming from Seattle, and she is in Texas.

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Should you guys update the product images since it’s just a tall box now?

Yeah, I was pondering that. I shall ponder it a bit more.

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$$$$$40,000 please tell me they already paid!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Woot cancelled the order.

Buyer of day 2 here. Good stuff abounds minus a hole in the box and missing blue cushion. Womp Womp…
Mystery of the box… what do the keys open??? Woot is this your way of inviting me up to Seattle to try out all the locks? If I find the door(s) that they open do I get to keep what’s inside? :laughing:

Mystery Keys:

Box stuffed:

So much so… stuff was falling out! RIP missing blue cushion…

The lot of it:

The thumbs up award fits well with the captain: