Woot lost my order in their warehouse

Does anyone have a way to actually get Woot to refund for a shipment they screwed up or get their money back. The warehouse made a label for my order on 2/27, the tracking shows it was never picked up. I’ve sent messages, used the support link and even reached out on Facebook, but continue to just get canned responses with tracking numbers in them that show that the label was created and never picked up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Not Woot staff, and I suspect someone from there will be along shortly to provide an official answer, but check the item and confirm that it is shipping from Woot, and if the item page has a shipping date. The labels will sometimes print but the item doesn’t actually ship for 2-3 weeks.

Here is one I got from them recently:

We apologize for the extended delay and inconvenience this has caused. Packages sometimes are lost while in transit from the fulfillment center to the carrier. Unfortunately, this is usually not detected in our systems since there is a tracking number for the order:

So basically they lost it from the warehouse to the post office/fedex. Friggin losers make up excuses for just having a shitty system or just forgot to tell the hillbillie2 next to hillbillie1 to send out something from shed 3.

Are you sure it was coming from woot’s warehouse and not directly from the vendor? (drop shipped) I find that most of the delays in shipping are caused by the vendors and not woot personnel.