Woot! Mobile Week: September 13 - September 18, 2021

Isn’t that how you make egg fried rice?


And during MY birthday week!! Tooooo!! Wooottt!! You shouldn’t have!! Boc’s!! A woot off!!?? (Maybe I’ll be able to snag another (?) BBQ rub?? Or cube?? Or or or?? WOOO-Hooo wootyy-woo!! Plz let’s spend some $$ heheheh

Why is there no daily game on the app today?!

Usually when I’m disappointed, it’s because of my BOC. I’m just regular disappointed today

That was step two. I put too much water in my rice cooker so I threw in a few cell phones to soak up the water.


Here you go:


Oh no. Wet rice. Good call.


The " 10% Off The App: Prime Members get 10% off purchases made on the Woot! app until Saturday, September 18, 11:59 PM CT." deal isn’t working from me and yes I’m trying to checkout while using the App

Is there a place where its asking you to verify your address? Do that and it’ll refresh. The discount should show up after that.

Question: The “Get daily appsclusive deals at 5pm CT all week long, while supplies last!”

Where will that be posted? The WOOT! app is a mighty big place & I’d like to know where to look for it. Please & thank you.:blush:

Nope, I just deleted my address and added it again but still can’t get the 10% off

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You’re logged in with Prime and using the app. There’s no blue banner in the checkout asking you to verify your address or payment information?

The next step would be to clear the cache and check for updates.

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I’m logged in with prime and using the app, yes. no blue banner in the checkout. cleared the cache and checked for updates and I have the latest version and still can’t use the 10% off

I think that 10% off only applies on Saturday, not the whole week. It’s listed under Saturday’s events.



I can see that you’re logged in with Prime so that’s good.

Look below the address & payment fields for a verification button. That’s the only thing that stops the page from updating.

Update: Oh yeah. Peace is correct. It’s good on Saturday. DOH!


Wait, I’m right about something?! How on earth did that happen?

I should write this down.


Well I’m glad someone knows what day it is. Lol, thanks!


When did t shirts jump to $19??

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2018-ish. I think. @Narfcake

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They changed the price a few years back to include shipping. And shirts in a current sale are $15, sometimes less.

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