Woot! Mobile Week: September 13 - September 18, 2021

Do you get 10% of from when “until Saturday?” All week or just Saturday?

It might have been @bchlor4evr , it wasn’t me
The Frogquin told me that the coupons from the last HH, expire on the 22nd


I tried to forget that. It pains me to remember.


Totally missed a BOC opportunity when I was In the restroom son of a boc

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Okay, where do I report bugs with the app (Android)? I was getting Woot-off notifications all day and when I clicked on them, of get the standard site with no Woot-off. I tried to catch up with the browser on my phone, but that always kicked me back to the app where I could see that particular item (as long as I closed the app and stopped it) but couldn’t see what was coming next. Forget trying to get a BOC.

I couldn’t Woot today. I am sad.

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You can report issues in the app itself. Tap on ‘more’ down at the bottom right and then on ‘app feedback.’

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

I would but… Nobody Cares

Have you tried? It might help.

Is there a woot off left overs?

That used to be a thing in the past.

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I think it’s only a thing when they have enough leftovers to try to sell.

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I was also wondering about the leftovers!

Usually the leftovers taste better than firsts

(post deleted by author)

I was wondering the same thing. But they may show up in the fun house or liquidation sale today.

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We only do leftovers on special woot-offs like birthday, some Q4, etc.


saw an alert for this but not seeing a page, cleared alert… oh well