woot newbie please help!!!!!!


Whats a grab bag and how do i get one???


Technically, it is not a “grab bag”. It is a bag_of_crap, otherwise known as random crap.
It is offered infrequently (every few months or so), sells out quickly, and causes server errors and mass frustration.
You do not know what you are getting…it is $1.00 for each crap and you may buy up to 3 of them. Shipping is $5.00, so you get your 3 craps for $8.00.
Check on the Woot thread to see what different people received.
I’ll be glad to answer any other questions you have.


nicely said


Why not just paint a target on yer ass and walk onto a firing range?


maybe he did…

but seriously…why don’t we just sticky one of these threads and point them to “what is woot?”

I think that would be much easier than people asking the same question 100 times.


Because I don’t think What is Woot explains a random bag of crap. They should.


Hey, look at that, it didn’t change bag of crap.


hmmm…ok then…nevermind…maybe we should stick questions101 [;)]


nohjandrahuim, for more info, go read this blog entry or one of the “Random Crap” threads…in which there is more than enough info on crap…and how hard it is to procure.

(The orange words are clickable links. I tell you this because the last time I posted it I was accused of being rude and not answering the question, by someone who didn’t seem to know.)
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Hyperlinks are things that give you candy, yum. FYI stands for Frighten Your Imbecile.
Just so’s ya knows.


He’as probably hacking yer 'puter as you type . . .


Pay no attention to the crow behind the screen.
And don’t take any candy from him either


I have a fever/flu and don’t “get it”. If I need to know, pm me, please. Sorry.


Crow’s being a smartass.
Don’t you take any candy from him either



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do I get them???


Sure, if you’ll take this flu as part of the package.



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I read it, but you weren’t on IRC to get a response…whatcha’ doing…sounds like mischief.



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