Woot! "Not Pants" Beanie


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Can they be used as ice cream holders?


yes put your scoops in it

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Will they be better than @pepper114’s ice cream holders?

Why are you putting ice cream in my bra?

please let me comment on this

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I’m not!

I’m using your ice cream holders.

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You must be in Florida


I want a coupon

Try to win one at TTHH

There’ll (maybe) be some coupons during the Fun House.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

@ThunderThighs, modified for Winnie the Pooh who does not wear pants


ETA is February 1st.

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Out for delivery!

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Out for delivery on Jan 31, then it was inexplicably returned to Woot without actually delivering. UPS says it was refused, but it was not.

Let’s tag @ThunderThighs and maybe she can find some answers.

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Sorry UPS sucks. I sent a note to CS who sent a note to our returns team. No promises though because they are behind. That three days of closure for ice really hit us hard.


I wore this and someone asked me if the beanie said something else if I reversed it. I said no. They were genuinely confused.

I said if someone asks what I’m wearing, I can say “not pants” and I wouldn’t be lying. They were like ohhh! Okay. Kind of funny I guess. :joy:


Luv this beanie… guaranteed good convos!