Woot not taking care of me.....

Ordered two sets of one kind of dishes, as in quantity = 2. Two different patterns received. Sent in complaint yesterday and no response. Sent in another today.

I’d rather Woot fix this before they run out of the dish pattern I wanted. What do i do?

I would probably buy the correct item before it’s gone, and then just return the wrong one once you hear back from CS (which might not be until Monday, since it’s the weekend).

You can also do a self return. To get a pre-paid label:

  1. From Purchase History , click “I Need Help” next to the order which you want to return.
  2. Select “I wanna cancel or return some stuff”.
  3. Select “I want to return the items I ordered”.
  4. Confirm that the item on your screen is what you want to return, by pressing “Continue”.
  5. In the second message of the subsequent monkey chat, you should see this text:

And hey, if your order was placed within the last 30 days, the item price is $20 or more, and it arrived damaged, defective, or missing accessories, you can do a self-service returnby clicking here.

Press the word “Here”.

That should get you the return label .

(I do not work for Woot, just trying to help)


Good advice, I ordered the second set again, Thanks!

I had already thrown out two boxes of packing materials before i noticed the error, we’ll see what they want to do if/when they respond.

Save the packing materials from the new one that’s on it’s way. and use it to send back the return?

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Check your spam box to see if your email filters had inadvertently filed a response there. It’s happened before.

Hi there. Response times can take a bit longer on the weekends. It looks like they replied to you Saturday afternoon with a return label and are sending you a replacement.

Note that the CS response will go to your email address on your Woot! Account, not your Amazon email if different/used. And as mentioned earlier, check spam/junk folders.

@Wooter772326458 @Narfcake Thanks for the assist!


Yep, they are sending a replacement and I have a label to return the wrong set. As someone suggested, ill use the replacement packaging to return the wrong stuff.

Unfortunately, I ordered another set to make sure they wouldn’t stock out as someone suggested, before I found they were already sending the replacement. Oh well.

Return those too. At least with 2 sets coming you will hopefully receive the right one - look through the dishes and make sure that none are chipped or broken, if there are any, you can make a set and return the damaged ones

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