woot-off BOC YANKED

So I spend all day yesterday to score a BOC - finally winning one late in the day!! Imagine my joy!! I check my account of stuff I bought and yep there it is waiting to be delivered oct 9. 3+hours later I get an email that my order has been cancelled!! What gives?? “unexpected problem” is the only explanation I’m given. getting zero satisfaction from ‘customer support’ - a misnomer if ever there was one!!

Do I leave woot forever?

Your order never went through. It was in a waiting list if another order got cancelled. It didn’t. Sorry for the disappointment.

Disappointment for B0Cs usually involves giving money to Woot.

Wouldn’t that mean that @hockeymomof3 got disappointment for free?


That kind of disappointment feeds the wootbots and VOP.


wish it were so but it is not. When I checked my account the order was there…with a delivery date of oct 9. in fact while in the waiting room I was told to do exactly that and if it did not show up it did not go through. so nope I am not believing that.

This is what I see:


this is what I saw…order with a delivery date of oct 9…then 3 1/2 hours plus later I got an email saying the order was cancelled. prior to that email the order was indeed IN MY ACCOUNT which I was told would not happen if inventory did not support it. I call BS

I’m sorry you’re disappointed. WITHHELD (e.g. Waitlist) means the order was created but didn’t have inventory for the order. If an order is canceled or payment gets denied, that order moves up and gets fulfilled. This didn’t happen. This happens a lot with fast sales such as the BOCs.

Canceling them is a manual process. I keep an eye on them throughout the day during Woot-Offs.

I’m chatting with CS to see what we can do this ONE time.

PS: You call BS but this is the truth. I don’t lie about things. I’ve been working with the BOCs for over 5 years.


I’m still waiting on my bacon coffin that was unjustifiably denied!


When I was in the VOP, the concierge told me they were putting up a a BOC for me. The coffee and danish was nice, BTW.


satisfactory resolution…in the future I will be screen shotting the process to avoid confusion. I was clearly told I could ‘leave the waiting room screen and check my account orders later to see if it went through’. If it showed up all was supposed to be good, if not, then I did not beat the odds. Was prepared to live with the result but when order showed up all was supposed to be good. It did. it wasn’t. thank you for making it ok…you can delete this topic.

I agree that if it showed up under your orders as “preparing for shipment” then woot is at fault. If, however, it showed under your orders as “processing” then it had not yet cleared the last hurdle. I don’t know if you see an estimated delivery date while still processing. I’ll try to remember to look next time.

Don’t leave the vestibule until you get a rejection or an order confirmation.

I really enjoyed the hot towels. My boc is on my porch right now.


And the full body massage is wonderful.
Too bad hockeymom didn’t get a happy ending.


Back in my day, you had to pay good money to get your boc yanked!


was sent from vestibule to waiting room…tis a step further …and I was encouraged to leave as I could ‘check my account later’ and if order was there all was supposed to be well.

In my day I paid for one, had the amount withdrawn, got cancelled, then had to get a full freaking refund. The nerve.
Also the Danish was delightful.


There’s an internal page dedicated to the foolishness that led to you being able to purchase a bacon coffin for $10.

Just FYI.


That’s fair. @bsmith1 is something of a legend 'round these parts, anyway.

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