Woot-Off Carty Favors

Kinda seems like a bad buy as in R\C high performance vehicles like this parts break all the time esp if you crash\whatever. Parts for this are VERY hard to find. Let’s get some Traxxas\HPI R\C woot sales, that Savage XL big block R\C Monster Truck is what I’m wantin!

Update 9/26:
Received today. Blue Tiki Mic only working without the docking cable. Extension dock is not functional & mode switch on mic is intermittent. Waiting to hear from Woot on resolution.

I just received my Blue 1998 Tiki Portable USB Microphone.

Cant find the discussion for this woot particularly, but wanted to connect with others who got this.

I says there is supposed to be a violet lights. I have tried and only can get orange and blue.