Woot-Off Carty Favors

You know what makes good carty favors on tech woot?

usb Woot-off lights.

You tricked me again with the hope of you selling the Woot-off light! Now, back to my corner to cry some more.

Bought this Klipsch player a couple months ago on Woot. Bass went after a couple weeks of normal play. Don’t recommend this at all.

Looking for an extra camera for the plugcamera, found this:BVC-500c for $74.50. Decent reviews, but only a few of them.

ARGH! Me too.

Samsung WB250FBPWC 14.2MP Long Zoom Smart Digital Camera, Capacitive Touchscreen, 18x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi - White
was listed as reconditioned, what I got was a refurbished one. Why the difference and why did
I get a refurb instead of what was listed for sale?