Woot-Off Carty Favors

Hello Woot!

I wanted to thank you folks @ Woot for bringing this out for sale today…

Curtis Stone CS02-02 “Keep it Clean” Stainless Steel Spoon Rest

During the last Woot-Off, this was offered.

By the I got to Woot & threw it in the cart & headed straight for the checkout, it sold out.

I was crushed.

Today I saw it offered again.

I am thrilled!

This time I successfully acquired the spoon rest.



Hope everyone has a great day!

Thanks again!!!


So I’m in love with my Rosle chef’s knife for anyone considering these other Rosle knives. However it is EXTREMELY sharp, don’t be a dummy like me and nearly slice your fingernail off and destroy your sponge while washing it (seems to happen no matter how I try to wash it).

Awesome knife though, really glad I got it. I may continue buying Rosle in the future.

Only $24.99 for the boob patchwork metal wall art???
What a deal…
oh wait?