Woot-off connection delay/caching

I keep having the same problems with Woot-Offs and I want to get it fixed before the next one comes around. After an item is sold while I’m waiting on the next item, I can hit refresh or F5 every second, but no matter what, when a new item does come up, it always says 96% remaining or 97% remaining. Never 100% remaining. That makes me think that I’m not seeing the item as quickly as others do.

Also, during a sale, if I refresh several times in a row, often the % countdown increases briefly before returning to a lower value. That makes me think that it’s falling back on a cached screen instead of showing me the latest.

I’m using Chrome, updated to the latest version, and I’ve done everything I can to try to turn off the cache during a Woot-off, including doing the developer options trick. Any suggestions?

I believe it just depends on which server you hit. Some are behind others which is why the quantity changes.

One of the challenges of getting a BOC is hitting the right server at the right time.

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Maybe if people would stop hitting them, they’d actually work.

Wow, that works on two levels.

Hi there. There’s a lot of areas to update at the same time - App, mobile web, site, API, etc. It can take a bit to get it all going so it’s not unusual for this to happen.