Woot off direct link

I cannot get back to woot off once i receive my notification. If i click n mobil madness, it takes me back 2 all deals…?

Can you help me a bit here.

App or desktop/laptop or mobile website?

Where are you clicking from?

What are you clicking on?

Mobile, android, mobile maddness forum

Let me clarify, if i click on mobile madness, scroll down 2 woot off, click woot off, it takes me to all deals

Have you tried to tap on the “Clearance” tab? That’s where the Woot-Off is.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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The woot-off isn’t in midnight mobile madness. It should show up under the banners. You may need to clear your app cache and check for updates.

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Yeah, I forgot they said they were mobile. I was thinking in the browser.

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Hi there.

Clicking on the Mobile Madness banner at the top of the app takes you to the forum blog explaining what it is.

You can go back to HOME to see the woot-off that’s on the site (not the forums).

Does that help?

You can click on the woot off tag

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Going 2 try that now

So just shut down woot, restarted, clicked on mobile week, went 2 woot off, clicked, got all sales

So just tried again… takes me 2 clearance

Which page, exactly, are you trying to get to?

The Woot Off items can be seen on the homescreen of the app.

If you go to the homescreen of the app, you’ll see, underneath the top banner, the words “It’s a Woot-Off!”. If you click on either item, you’ll see the current item in more detail, and can either add it to your cart there, or view the full page by clicking “See product information”.

So i only c 3 things on home page…1 i mobile madness

When i click on that, i get all the stuff happening, when i click on woot off link. I go 2 clearance page

You don’t need to do all that to see the Woot Off in the app.


Yah, that is not what i c

Could you share a screenshot of what your app’s home screen looks like?

Also, what version of the app are you running?

Click More, then click “About Woot for Android”.

DO NOT click on Mobile Week banner - that is not going to bring you directly to the woot-off.

If you want links to all of the woot-off items, including ones that have ended, you can go here:

Otherwise, to see the item currently being offered, look at the pic @Froodyfrog just posted for you, it is UNDER the top banner, just a bit lower on the homepage.