Woot-Off Lights

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Woot-Off Lights
$3.00 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Pair of USB Powered Woot-Off Lights
  • 1 Crappy Anniversary Promotion (see below)

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Woot-Off Lights [New] - $3.00

1 * Pair of USB Powered Woot-Off Lights, 1 * Crappy Anniversary Promotion (see below)

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I’m not sure what to make of this…

Happy birthday woot. Glad I remembered to put this in my calendar last year. Hopefully I got me some guppy for my second time.

I am rooting for the dow jones industrial average to end with a 0 tomorrow. Go Zero!

Well…I’ll say it…Happy Birthday, Woot!

Yeah, you got the lights and maybe, maybe the Bolsa de Caca…


First one <3 <3 <3

your order is processing.
should just be a bit now…

So only a few people get the bag of crap or we all do?

Cool. Does this mean…

hurray! got one!

Must be out of all the referb/reman. crap

Well, at least I’m only getting one set of Woot-Off Lights.

1 in 10 chance of getting the BOC … no buy for me

DJIA, you had better come up with a six on Monday.

Happy Birthday Woot!!

Happy Birthday WOOT in for 3


Servers haven’t crashed yet?