Woot-Off Lights

Woot-Off Lights

Does the Android app no longer show the next item?

I had an issue with it earlier too, had to do a uninstall/reinstall and it all went back to normal

Earlier today the app was showing up twice the size of my screen.

I use these when I’m on a call. If family barges into my room and starts to talk…they stop when they see these on. Quite useful.


I have found that it does not show the next item if I click the link from the forum. However, if I go to the woot-off from the notification or from the home screen it will show the next item.

You have no idea how many sets of these I have! Lol!

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I have like 6 of the yellow ones, and a few of the red and blue, but they are so old they still have incandescent bulbs in them LOL

Ya, I’ve had that happen recently too, not just today. Not sure whats happening…the monkeys…

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Sadly I lost my loverly receptionist job before I could use my woot!off lights. Although I did buy a second set this summer in hopes of being rehired…


how about a woot xmas tree? Get a lil tree and put the woot lights on it…

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