Woot off? when is the next


does anyone know when the next woot off is going to take place. Also , how long do they last?


Like Bags of Crap, no one knows when a Woot-off will show up. Also, no one knows how long it will last. Could be 24 hours. Could be three days. Prepare to sleep by your computer. I’ve heard murmurs of port-o-potties. If you got one of Woot’s coffemakers, have it handy.


There is one potential way to find out about Woot-Offs early…

The Woot-Off detector that is a feature of the WootAlert service (completely free and completely independent of Woot). You can learn more about the service from the link in my signature.

-Russell (The Original WootAlert-er)


i don’t think the last one was even 24 hours…


Yeah, really disappointing. I think the Woot gods were experimenting with something.


I went to see Good Night, and Good Luck that day, and I was expecting to get a bunch of text messages during the movie, but it ended right about the time the movie started… which was good i guess, but i was disappointed by how short it was…


Yeh I think The Woot gods do a lot of experimenting .


Didn’t help that they were having major server issues - especially when they put up the Brassy Old Coin . . . .