Woot off, Woot off, where for art thou?


Ok, so how long since the last one? I feel I must have missed it.


there was a mini-woot-off in, I believe, November.
Didin’t last TOO long, but included a bag of youknow, which crashed the servers for like over an hour.
Most traffic ever, or so I heard.


I was halfway expecting one this weekend. It has been a long time and the last one was pretty sorry.


I thought that they were to have at least (one) Woot-Off every month. No Woot-Offs for January 2006…


There are a few a year. Sorry. I think the one before Nov was in the summer.


yeah, that one went on for days, while i was on vacation… i was driving my cousins crazy asking to use their laptops…


It’s been ages…I missed the last one as I just happened to be on the road and keep expecting the next one to be just around the corner…how many corners am I going to have to turn till it pops up??