Woot off....yep, 4 times it didn't happen for me!

Well, let me tell you a story of my frustration. Wednesday my husband and I dedicated all day to trying to get bags of crap. We both were in the Vestibule 4 times. Yes, I said 4. We should of gotten at least one with 8 times in your “Waiting Room”. Woot, help me out here? How does that happen?

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Go to Forum. Click on Deal Chatter. “wootoff”.
Crap shows faster there.
Sign-in just before the last item ends, hoping the next item is a BOC.
And luck is involved.


Well, if it’s any consolation, some have tried for years. Craps are hard to get. We’ll never have enough for everyone that wants one.

Keep on trying!


Pfft 8 times in the vestibule means you’re getting closer. Most people don’t make it into the VoP at all. Hopefully you both left it open 5-10 minutes at least before you gave up. A LOT get pulled out of carts because people aren’t logged in. Then there’s the whole issue of people forgetting to update their credit cards. I’ve even had one go through and take my money before getting the dreaded cancelation email because they didn’t really have enough craps to sell. There’s a lot of things that keep many people from buying crap.

My real advice here is keep trying. It might get easier in July for the birthday celebration.