Woot off!!!


Woot off tonight!!!


Just got the email!




Yep, just got the text message. Another sleepless night :slight_smile:


dangit i don’t have time for this


When do they usually start?


it’ll kick-off at midnight CST, after that, 'till the sell-out or half-life kicks in…


10:00 PM!! or Midnight for the least coast folk :wink:


no, it’s worse, it’s 1 am for those of us on the right coast


D’oh! You are right. Sorry :slight_smile:


Actually, we’re the sorry ones. [:D]


I do hope your right, I’ve been itchin for a Woot!off , ahhhhh better get the coffee ready… last woot!off lasted like 4 days… It really depends on the amount of stuff people buy. new items will post 5 minutes after the one before it sells out or 12 hours after the item has been on the site and no sell out occurs!! now to that coffee!!!



but then … who does?


Well… here’s the email they sent, so sure hope it’s true!!!

Attention: Woot-Off Detected For Tonightls! Happy Wooting from Mr. WootAlert


Looks like tomorow’s another sick day. Fire up the W00t-provided grind-n-brew ma, it’s gonna be a late one!


well Im ready! Coffee is a brewin and its christmas gift shoppin time… So bring it on Woot! I will outlast you!!! okay, probably not, but I can try !!!



how do you get notification in advance?? I know people have programs for notifying you, but thats usually only at midnight. Anyway, I just wondered.


with russell’s woot alerts, he gets advance notice on woot-offs. he then passes it on to subscribers.




http://wootalert.opensight.net/ This will explain it better than I can.