Woot OMG Deal

Woot OMG Deal

Ugh. Water flosser?

Legal Disclaimer: this mystery goody is so serious that you will have to agree to terms and conditions on the manufacturer’s website before you can use it. Now we have your attention.

Oh damn.


I’m thinking it’s a Ninja Blender as they had it on sale on clearance and took it off completely instead of saying sold out.

I think we have a winner.

This should have a disclaimer that you’ll be freely giving your genetic code to the government or anyone else they decide to sell it to.


Great find. I’ll be skipping on providing my genetic information for corporate profit.


i pulled the trigger, got to the cart, then sold out. oh well

Had to work for three minutes and missed it. Dang,

Pulled the trigger. If it is genetic testing, it may end up being a gift for someone.

Please come back and let us know when you get it! We’re always looking for confirmation on items.

The genetic testing kit is pretty cool . . . But I like the 23&me kit better . . . Has more options, but for $39 you can’t beat the price


I got one, but if it’s a stupid dna kit I’m going to be not happy!

Sure you can. There are companies out there that will PAY YOU for your genetic information, rather than you giving some other company money for the privilege of surrendering all rights to your genetic code.

Ugh… I hope it isn’t a DNA kit… it’ll be gifted to someone who’s fine with becoming part of the database if so.


Ugh. Terrible. I don’t want a DNA kit either.
I canceled - but then something popped up saying I couldn’t cancel.
Then got an email that my order was canceled - however my account still shows active order.
Having cancellation email will make credit card dispute easier if it comes to that.

It takes a bit for all the bits to talk to each other. If you got the email, then we were able to cancel you order (I think).


I never purchased any of the OMG! deals. question: once you purchase it does it identify what you purchased or you won’t know until you receive it in the mail?