Woot on Amazon

I was snoopin around and saw a woot section on Amazon which features designs like Go Sports! and other classics, complete with customer reviews. Couldn’t find any of the latest ones there.

so, a) are they there? b) will they be? c) if not a or b then can they be?

I have no doubt that it helps shirts like Go Sports stay in the top 20 for 144 weeks and reach 19,000 units sold. :slight_smile:

They may be in due time. We are short staffed and have only poor Ocho trying to get everything done. We appreciate your patience.

aha I see, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I’m sure in exchange for reaching an audience that generates 19,000 sales, any one here would be more than happy to help you out free of charge!!! :wink:

Anyone interested in working for Shirt.Woot should check out our Career Page

Oh, that’s interesting. Can only top sellers (like top 20) get into that section? Or there is also a chance for more humble selling t-shirts?

I asked about this once and got an answer from the man himself. There are A LOT of designs up on amazon, not necessarily just the top 20. Also, it’s worth noting that the sales from amazon do not get tallied into the actual sales numbers on woot, which kind of sucks because then it’s tougher to track sales. But it’s nice because, hey, more money!

Thank you a lot for this information!